Choosing the Right Kind of Bodybuilding Supplement

There’s more to bodybuilding than just going on a strict diet and undergoing intense workouts. Often, the most successful bodybuilders also resort to taking certain supplements and/or chemical to help their muscle development along.

The sort of bodybuilding supplements employed by bodybuilders range from the organic (ginseng root, etc.) to the chemical (steroids, ostanish, etc.), and countless varieties of each kind exist on the market. Primarily, however, there are three popular bodybuilding aids, each with their own set of pros and cons. They are as follows:


  • Testosterone.
    • As the male hormone responsible for increasing muscle mass and strength, testosterone is a popular option for many bodybuilders. Although naturally occurring in both males and females, additional testosterone can and is often administered by doctors to patients who are looking to bulk up their physiques.
    • Some of its benefits include:
      • Testosterone is readily available, and can be easily administered in safe doses by a qualified physician (although some will encourage the patient to try building up their bodies the natural way before agreeing to administer additional testosterone).
      • Testosterone can also be gleaned from safer, more natural sources like chia seeds, ginseng root, or perhaps even the more controversial deer antler.
      • Apart from increasing muscle mass and density, testosterone also provides a host of other health benefits, such as:
        • Increased bone density and strength.
        • Better cardiovascular functions.
        • Enhanced sex drive or libido.
    • Some of its disadvantages, on the other hand, are:
      • While it is a naturally occurring substance, patients who have additional testosterone administered are not immune to certain side effects, such as:
        • Urination problems
        • More frequent acne breakouts
        • Mood swings

Anabolic steroids

  • Anabolic steroids.
    • Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the effect that testosterone has on the body, and have a long, colorful history that stretches back for decades. They were initially developed to enhance muscle density and strength by increasing the amount of protein in the muscle cells.
    • Some of its benefits include:
      • An undeniably potent and near-immediate effect. Anabolic steroids were deliberately designed to bulk up the body from the cellular level, so their effects are quite powerful. Steroids users also often achieve unbelievably burly and muscular figures a lot faster than bodybuilders who go the natural way.
      • Anabolic steroids can also be used to treat quite a few life-threatening conditions such as aids or cancer.
    • Some of the disadvantages that come with using anabolic steroids are:
      • Certain health risks can emerge with prolonged usage. These include:
        • Heightened cholesterol damage
        • Liver failure
        • High blood pressure
      • Unfavorable physical side effects for females, such as:
        • Thicker body hair
        • The development of a more masculine body frame
      • Unmistakable detection
        • Doping tests were designed to detect anabolic steroids in particular, so using them during athletic events or competitions without getting caught is close to impossible.


  • SARMS.
    • Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or sarms, are the most recent bodybuilding aid on the market. Designed as a safer alternative to both testosterone and anabolic steroids, sarms have been gaining popularity for its more targeted approach. Ostanish, one of its more widely-known variants, was greatly in demand shortly before it was mysteriously pulled off the market years ago.
      • Some of the benefits that come with using sarms include:
        • More targeted effects. Ostanish was particularly popular for its muscle-boosting effects, but bodybuilders and athletes also availed of other kinds of sarms for a variety of purposes (e.g., increased lung capacity, heightened stamina, etc.).
        • No side effects. Since sarms like ostanish have very specific targeted functions, they have no effect on the receptors and organs that don’t concern them.
      • One particular disadvantage of sarms, however, is that further research has yet to rule out any adverse side effects brought about by prolonged usage.